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Because a thriving, resilient community requires more than just economic stimulus — it must feature real-world entrepreneurship support and meaningful employment opportunities. COventures is a U.S. 501(c)3 non-profit organization helping fuel prosperity for all stakeholders through individual, academic, corporate and community partnerships powered by leading technology and innovative programs in public, private and non-profit sectors.

Coming up with a good COncept is always fun and often easy. But to COmmence, COmmunicate, COllaborate, COmpete, and COmmercialize takes more than just a big idea — COventures helps drive career and project development goals “from Concept to Capital“™.

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FOR ENTREPRENEURS: Over 25 years in Venture Development and Education Technology has shown us that sooner or later everyone has a BIG idea (or many!). We built COventures because we recognize that limited access to resources (human, intellectual, capital) will inhibit critical development of even the most promising ideas. So, for aspiring entrepreneurs, COventures intuitive “roadmaps” guide anyone’s idea through leading development processes, helping capture fleeting inspiration with the power to change lives.

FOR COMPANIES: While many self-starters imagine owning a small business or being a CEO is a dream job, most wake up to recognize that level of discipline and responsibility is far from dreamy, and may actually prefer both a steady and, increasingly, meaningful job. Meanwhile, employers in the current hyper-competitive global marketplace report being uniformly challenged to identify, recruit and retain key talent when the consequences of mis-hires are expensive and disruptive to remedy. To this aim, COventures designs and hosts Corporate Innovation Challenges which are real-world projects outsourced to solve problems, while at the same time provide transparent insight into the often overlooked capabilities and increasingly important soft-skills less visible on resumés. This process lends free-thinking, hard-working innovators & aspiring student entrepreneurs the opportunity to earn freelance revenue while simultaneously gaining practical experience and rapport with talent-hungry companies.

FOR COMMUNITIES: “Brain Drain” is a real issue for so many American communities, yet so few are equipped with Venture Development Organizations (VDOs), like co-working spaces and academic incubators, much less have sufficient intellectual and physical resources to help all the residents manifest their big ideas – capacity is their biggest challenge. COventures tech enables any community to benefit from the key resources typically found only in tech hubs. We believe that VDOs should be able to productively serve any applicant – because good ideas come from anywhere, anytime. Can you just imagine the economic benefits downstream if every entrepreneur with a big idea had the support they needed to get to market? Can you imagine what so many of our idyllic small towns might look like now if so many of our talented, young, innovative thinkers didn’t have to leave their hometowns and families in order to chase their dreams?

So if you happen to have an idea right now, even better. Just reach out to us at and we’ll accelerate you in the right direction.


Institutions of Higher Learning
Non-Profits & Trade Groups
Aspiring Entrepreneurs
Competitions & Investor Groups


We serve stakeholders in every sector of the community and entrepreneurs at any stage of development, whether:

  1. Employing COventures assets to serve more aspiring entrepreneurs in your community,
  2. Ensuring your next hire is a solid bet,
  3. Finding your way to market using our revolutionary development roadmaps,
  4. Equitably judging pitch competitions using our novel assessment app, or
  5. Landing a partner, mentor, vendor or investor.

Clicking on the images at the top of the page leads to some of our solutions at work. And as we build out our new site to include more case studies and testimonials, feel encouraged to email us at to learn more about why COventures COmmunities thrive.


The Kauffman Foundation cites 5 key capabilities needed to successfully design and build innovation ecosystems. To those points, COventures leadership:

  1. Authored and implements recognized startup ecosystem initiatives;
  2. Designs and manages entrepreneurial centers and coworking spaces;
  3. Managed accelerators, incubators or academic entrepreneurship programs;
  4. Serves in professional economic development, trade association, and government capacities;
  5. Enjoys a global network of investors, benefactors, and catalysts vested in fortifying local ecosystems

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COventures: Perrysburg, Ohio

We’re based in a cozy midwestern hamlet but are fortunate to serve clients and communities all over God’s green earth. So, wherever you are, we’d love to meet up and learn about your goals. Give us a call or write to We look forward to meeting you.

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