May 10, 2023

SuperCrowd23 conference

Opening Address – Scott McIntyre: Founder, WEconomy (501c3); Chairman board of directors, CfPA (501c6); Senior Advisor, Sustainable Communities Corporation (501c4)

  1. PDF: Speech/narration script and accompanying slides: SuperCrowd23 opening address
  2. Video: SuperCrowd23 opening address zoom recording (clicking on the link or graphic below should queue to the start time of 29:55, if not simply copy/paste this URL and scan to 29:55:











Sept. 16, 2022

SuperCrowd22 conference

Closing Address video – Scott McIntyre, Chairman, CfPA board of directors

SuperCrowd22 closing address – Scott McIntyre

  1. Speech PDF: SuperCrowd22 closing address – SPEECH – Scott McIntyre
  2. Slide show accompanying (and linked in) the speech PDF (15mb so may take a moment to load): SuperCrowd22 closing address – SLIDES – Scott McIntyre
  3. Video of speech + slide show, live recording on YouTube, here. (same as video above)
  4. Video of entire Closing Session featuring several speakers, here.
  5. Full event and other session videos can be found at